14 Easy (and Affordable) Home Upgrades You Can Do Before the Holidays

Aimee Fletcher November 1, 2022

We All Know the Feeling of Looking Around the House and Wanting to Make a Few Changes

As this year begins to wrap up and with the holidays right around the corner you may be wanting to upgrade a few things around the house. From simple DIY projects like changing the kitchen knobs to painting your tile, we've compiled a list of 14 easy (and affordable) upgrades you can make both inside and outside of your home before the holidays.

Replace Your Cabinet Pulls

Updating the knobs or pulls on your cabinets is a relatively simple but impactful way to add a modern touch to your home, especially if they are outdated.
Estimated Price: $50-$100. There are tons of options on Amazon.
Curtains Paint Privacy Landscaping Lighting
Adding curtains can make your windows look bigger, your ceilings look taller, and add privacy throughout your home. Try placing the rod a foot above your window for added height! A fresh coat of paint may be one of the easiest upgrades you can make. Whether it's getting rid of those bright colors for a more calming feel or adding in a fun statement, you can't go wrong. If your backyard doesn't offer much privacy from the neighbors consider adding shrubs or hanging plants to block the view in a visually appealing way. Replacing outdated sconces, upgrading your bathroom vanity lights, or simply replacing your light bulbs for ones with a different hue can elevate your space. Suggestion: Phillips Hue Lightbulbs

Front Door Makeover

The entrance of your home is an important aspect of curb appeal and if you're trying to make a statement, making over your front door might be the best way to do that. There are tons of options so consider the style throughout the rest of your home when choosing a new door. Don't underestimate what a can of paint can do either - black doors are very on-trend right now!
Floating Shelves Hide the Wires Paint Your Tile New House Numbers
For a modern, open look that displays your beautiful dishes consider adding a few floating shelves to an empty kitchen wall. You'd be surprised how big of a difference organizing your wires can make in how put together your home looks. Suggestion: $17.99 for a cord cover kit. Does your bathroom tile lackluster? Spend the day painting on a pattern and elevate your flooring without demolition. This seems simple, but adding a modern house number can have a large impact if you're making other curb appeal upgrades at the same time.
The Frame TV Under Cabinet Lights Upgraded Gallery Wall Front Porch Fun
Make your TV look like a piece of art by investing in a Frame TV. Offering frame and art options this is one of the pricier items on the list but it will surely elevate your space. Not only will this add a warm element to your kitchen, but gone are the days of not being able to see your cookbook. Is your gallery wall full of mismatched frames? Upgrade to one style and size for a cohesive, elevated look. Spruce up your front porch or entryway by adding a seasonal wreath, a fun welcome mat, or new furniture. Suggestion: Interchangeable Welcome Sign

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